About Us

WAUCC is a Christian church with a focus on living our faith in action. We use inclusive language in scripture, liturgy and hymns, as we experience God as both Mother and Father, and also to acknowledge the equality of all people. As followers of the God of Life we acknowledge God’s call to non-violence as a basic tenet of our faith, with a focus on living our faith inaction.

We are ecumenical in outlook and background, respecting other faiths and traditions as paths to God. In response to God’s radical inclusivity, we welcome people of all races, ages, and sexual identities. As an Open and Affirming Congregation, we affirm sexuality to be a gift from God and celebrate all loving relationships.

We affirm and publicly declare our opposition to and denouncement of physical and economic violence, war, weaponry and any form of state-sanctioned violence and death; including: conscription, military service, physical or mental torture, and the death penalty. And we affirm our covenant “with one another to… take upon ourselves the struggle with all the powers that bring war, oppression, injustice… and death.” In so doing we declare our support for civil disobedience in opposition to the powers of violence and death and we encourage and support Conscientious Objection. Read more about our affirmations and social justice commitments here.

Wellington Avenue Church is a congregation of the United Church of Christ, a denomination that was formed in 1957 through the union of the Evangelical and Reformed Synod and the Congregational Christian churches.


The Beginning
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ was born as an amalgamation of two congregations (The Evanston Avenue Congregational Church and the Lincoln Park Congregational Church) which, on May 20, 1909, organized the Wellington Avenue Congregational Church of Chicago. It was this uniting congregation that bought the property and built the present church building. Work on the building was begun July 14, 1910; the cornerstone was laid on November 24, 1910; services were held in the unfinished house of worship in December of 1910 (in Baird Hall). The first regular morning service was held in Baird Hall in January of 1911. The first service in the completed sanctuary was on October 22, 1911.

The first pastor for the newly formed church was Dr. Benjamin F. Aldrich, who was the last pastor for the Lincoln Park Congregational Church.