#blacklivesmatter worship service

On Dec. 7, Wellington heeded the call by ministers on Chicago’s South Side that congregations take their worship out of their sanctuaries and into the streets to protest the slayings of young men of color by law enforcement, including but not limited to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Eric Garner in New York, Trayvon Martin in Florida, Oscar Grant in Oakland, young men in Chicago and many many more.

Singing Ella’s Song, Wellington members and friends marched out of our sanctuary and occupied our corner of Wellington and Sheridan in the Lakeview neighborhood. We were not alone; other churches in Lakeview such as Second Unitarian and Lakeview Presbyterian Church also came out to the streets.

Together we lamented the unjust deaths of these young men and more, crying out “black lives matter!” and “we can’t breathe!” as we denounced the tactics of militarized police, the silence of communities in response to this injustice, and promised to be the hands and feet of God, to work in hope for a change in the world in which #blacklivesmatter!