June 1, 2014: GLBTQIA Solidarity Service

Call to Worship

One:    We are the body of Christ!

All:       The hand clapping, toe tapping, heart pumping,
mouth tasting, arms embracing,

One:    Justice seeing, hymn singing, love making, bread breaking, risk taking

All:       Body of Christ!

One:    Baptized in one Spirit, we are members of one body.

All:       Many and varied in gender, color, sexuality, age, class, and ability,
we are members of Christ’s beautiful body.

One:    None of us can say to another, “I have no need of you.”

All:       For only together can we find wholeness.

One:    None of us can say to another, “I will not care for you.”

All:       For we are connected like muscle and bone.
If one suffers, we all suffer. If one rejoices, we all rejoice!

One:    Thanks be to God who has made us one.

All:       Come let us Worship!

Unity Prayer of Confession

Welcoming God, we come to you both whole and in pieces. Advantaged and marginalized. Courageous and fearful. Oppressor and oppressed. We come with eyes opened, and yet we know there is so much our privilege does not let us see. Grant us the grace to recognize the countless connections between our lives and the lives of others. Bless us with the courage to love from our deepest hearts. Help us gain the wisdom to know the signs of true freedom, for all. Amen.

Litany of Confession (based on A Litany to Reshape the World by David R. Weiss, 2003; Poet & Theologian, Lutherans Concerned/North America)

One:    The world as it is, is an affront to the longing of God for justice.

All:       The world as it is, is an affront to the People of God created for wholeness.

One:    The world as it should be unsettles our imaginations and haunts our hearts.

All:       The world as it should be is restless to break into the world as it is.

One:    Power grounded in solidarity is God’s gift to transform the world.

All:       Power guided by love is God’s capacity to make us instruments of change.

One:    We are selves only in community.

All:       The dignity of each self rests on the integrity of our relations with each other.

One:    We are each treasures to ourselves and to our communities.

All:       We share the task of calling forth the truth of each for the good of all.

One:    Day by day, we bring the Wisdom of God to bear on the chaos of the world.

All:       Day by day, we bring the Love of God to bear on the isolating fear of the world.

One:    And day by day, we return to taste the Joy that is both first and final.

All:       Matching tears with laughter, matching work with play; matching political struggle with intimate love.

All:       Because the Kin-dom which is not yet in its fullness, already is for sure. Amen.