Meet Our New Members for 2015!

On Pentecost Sunday, Wellington welcomed five new members into our congregation, in a worship service filled with fire, wind and Spirit! Read more about them below, and be sure to say hi when you see them at the church!

Brian Klassen, Em Jacoby and Hendrik found their way to Wellington through the Methodist pastor of their Episcopal church in Detroit (it’s complicated, but they are at WAUCC to stay). Brian is a clinical psychologist working in veteran’s mental health issues -especially Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Moral Injury. Em bustles around Chicago with Hendrik and Estella, rallying for affordable housing, tending community garden beds, stocking shelves at the Dill-Pickle food co-op, and bookkeeping. Although he’s too young to be an “activist”, Hendrik has been spotted at city council meetings supporting the Broadway Youth Center and One Northside. Hendrik is also on the 15-year plan to replace Charlie on drums. Estella is looking forward to her baptism in August. Until then, she plans to coo along with the choir and protest the loudness of the bell that signals the start of worship. The Jacoby-Klassens live, and host pot-lucks, in Logan Square.

Calvin Curtiss hails from St Louis, MI where he attended his first UCC church. This experience got him involved in activism such as animal rights, environmentalism, LGBT human rights and more! Calvin continues to be involved in these issues in Chicago as a member of the Socialist Party. He enjoys passing the time wandering and exploring, sipping green tea, and writing in his journal while he waits for the next dance party to erupt.

Matt Elwell has been coming to Wellington since last Summer, and is very excited to join this warm community of faith! Professionally, matt’s two main passions are improv comedy and corporate training. His day job is supporting the 25 theater companies that produce the show “ComedySportz” around the world. He likes cooking, disc golf, and sci-fi/nerdy stuff. Causes near and dear include LGBT equality, including marriage, and the humane treatment of animals. I live near the church in the Lakeview East neighborhood with my wife, Kathe, and our two cats.

Richard Ring I have been an East Lakeview resident for the past 23 years. From 2004-2013 I sang in the choir at St. Peters here in Lakeview. When that came to an end I was left without a spiritual home. I wandered into WAUCC in January of 2014, and started singing with the choir during Lent. I never thought I’d join a church again but this place won me over. Especially the music!!!