Our Theology

WAUCC is a non-creedal church – we do not require adherence to any particular belief in order to be part of this community. Instead WAUCC holds a set of broad theological ideas that are open to change because we believe that “God is still speaking…”


  • We follow a God who is active and all-present in our world today. We understand that God calls us to be active in our world in ways that create justice, hope, healing and love for the people of our world.
    • We enact the love of God in the world by following the words of the prophets, always placing ourselves on the side of justice and love. We do this imperfectly but faithfully, trusting in God’s love, Jesus’ teachings and our care for one another to guide us as we make our way.
  • We follow Jesus. We each personally experience and know Jesus in our own ways, but as a community we know him as a teacher, savior, and liberator. Through his teachings and by his examples, Jesus shows us how to risk ourselves in body and spirit to act as agents of God’s love and justice.
    • Jesus remains with us as we continue the work of the prophets of our tradition to challenge those who abuse their systemic or personal power. His execution showed how the powers and principalities resist the gospel of God’s love and justice, but his presence living with us today demonstrates that they do not have the last word. We say YES to Jesus’ Way.
  • We experience Sin as the personal and systemic evil that deprives people of the fullness of life and love, and causes us to break trust, love and relationships. Sin is the hurt we do to one another when we turn away from God and God’s love.
    • Sin manifests in the world as racism, sexism, patriarchy, heterosexism, classism and other evils that trample on those most vulnerable in the world, and in our personal interactions with one another when we do not act with kindness, understanding and care.
  • We meet one another as a community, which is one of radical hospitality and extravagant welcome for all people. In this community, we live in covenant with one another, caring for each other as God cares for us.
    • We embrace the power, joy and hope that music, art, storytelling, theater, the sharing of food, leadership, prayer and meditation, and other creative work bring to us in worship and other community gatherings. In this creative work we share not only our gifts and talents but also ourselves with one another, deepening and strengthening our bonds as a community.
    • We sustain ourselves and one another in our work of justice and care through spiritual practices that soothe and strengthen us in body and soul.
  • We treasure our relationship with the Earth and all who live upon it. We are connected by a network of life and know that whatever we do has an impact on everything else. We honor and respect this connection and live to nourish it as we are nourished by it.