Queer Conversation Series: Trans 101

This year for Pride Month, we’ll be talking about the T in LGBT with Trans 101, a discussion series to learn about the issues that trans people face, the policing of trans youth, and what support and solidarity with them looks like. The series will be in three parts:

June 10: Trans 101: What’s the “T”?

What’s the T (which is slang for what’s going on) will be an introduction to trans and queer-related language, vocabulary, expressions, etc. This is a time for open ended questions and conversation. Bring your curiosity!

June 17: Trans 101: Issues Facing Trans Youth

General conversation about issues and obstacles that trans people face everyday, but particularly as it pertains to youth in our neighborhood. Why is it so hard to find housing and work? What gets in the way of trans youth and resources? What might support and solidarity look like?

June 24: Trans 101: Policing of Queer and Trans Youth

This will be a more guided conversation and presentation with Maya & Benji, youthworkers from the BYC.

(And if you’re still interested in volunteering with Dyke March on Saturday, June 27, there will be another training scheduled soon.)