November ¡Presente!: SOA Watch November, 2013

SOAWAn SOA Watch Reflection:

The Wellington community (Alli Baker, Kryss Chupp, Craig Mousin, Chris Inserra, John Volkening) was PRESENTE at the annual SOAW vigil in Columbus, GA to mourn the atrocities of the SOA and to act in resistance and hope for a world free of training for torture and death, a world free of human rights violations.

The militancy of the Columbus police chief and the Ft. Benning  Army base has made “crossing the line”  very difficult, both physically as well as in jail sentences.  But collectively, we decided on a new way to “cross the line” through BUBBLES OF RESISTANCE.  At the end of the traditional PRESENTE procession, which includes singing hundreds of  the thousands of names  of SOA victims, a banner of hope was hoisted on bamboo sticks and crossed the line while the thousands gathered blew bubbles.  The breeze blew the bubbles right over and through the gates and onto the base.

As each person blew bubbles, their breath filled those bubbles, and their thoughts and words were taken up by the wind, our delightful companion, who carried the bubbles of transgression aloft: bubbles crossing gates, crossing borders, crossing boundaries — and without documents or papers of any kind.  May all their guns be filled with bubbles.Young and old alike from across the Americas  were inspired by the bubbles of resistance, a resistance born of hope—hope in the power of change to create a better world.

For more information: www.soaw.org

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