Wellington Youth Become “Seeds of Change” at Eco-Arts Camp

By Alli Baker,
Associate Minister, Youth & Families

This year Wellington hosted its first ever Eco-Arts Summer Camp! Throughout the week of June 16-20, children ages 4-12 learned about Wangari Maathai and the importance of respecting and caring for the Earth. With Wangari’s story as our inspiration, our little grassroots people spent time talking about and practicing ways that they too can become “seeds of change.”

To start, each participant was invited to bring a bag of recyclables the first day, which provided us with all the supplies we needed for games and art activities all week! The rest of our of time together was spent singing and learning six languages with Chris Inserra, a neighborhood walk and garbage clean up, recycled art with Lisa Dalke and Brenda Friedman, and theater-based storytelling with Kristan Schmidt. We were so lucky to have Debra Inserra-Mousin, Donna Morris, and Amy Green volunteering with us all week as well – what a team! Be sure to give them each a big ol’ hug next time you see them.

Finally, our time together ended in a group informance about Wangari and the ways in which each participant plans to BE a seed of change by reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever possible. “We are seeds of change!”