Worship at Wellington

Regular worship services are held every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and last about an hour. While the worship follows a traditional Christian order that includes a call to worship, a confession, passing of the peace, a sermon, and hymns, it also includes creative and diverse elements within that liturgy. Worship services routinely feature a variety of music, including choral, solo and instrumental, in many different styles such as folk, Latin@, protest songs, gospel, classical, rock/pop and hiphop. Worship services are planned each week by different members of the Wellington community and each person brings their own message and style to the service and shares that gift with the congregation.

Wellington is a church that hears and responds to God’s call to work for justice in the world. This faith is acted out in our social justice work and solidarity with justice organizing groups in Chicago and the world, and also in our worship services. Through song, confessions, sermons, and sharing our joys and concerns, we strengthen and encourage one another in our work to understand and God’s kin-dom of peace and justice on Earth. Our worship and preaching are grounded in Christian and Hebrew scripture and follow the Revised Common Lectionary, a weekly selection of texts from the scriptures that is shared with many other Protestant and Roman Catholic churches.

We use inclusive language in scripture, liturgy and hymns, as we experience God as both Mother and Father, and also to acknowledge the equality of all people. As followers of the God of Life we acknowledge God’s call to non-violence as a basic tenet of our faith, with a focus on living our faith in action. We are ecumenical in outlook and background, respecting other faiths and traditions as paths to God. In response to God’s radical inclusivity, we welcome people of all races, ages, and sexual identities. As an Open and Affirming Congregation, we affirm sexuality to be a gift from God and celebrate all loving relationships.

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DSC_8540sndHoly Communion

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. Communion is also held during the Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday services. Wellington celebrates Communion at a radically open table.  To us this means that all are welcome to share in the bread and wine as we remember Jesus’s ministry, his Gospel message, and sacrifice.You do not need to hold any specific beliefs or be a member of the church to share in the Communion meal.

Music Ministry

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